Cooking Theme: Yum! Yum!

Yum! Yum!

This yummy storytime features books about cooking and good things to eat!

Picture Books: Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? by Karen Beaumont, Fox Tale Soup by Tony Bonning, Stone Soup by Marcia Brown, Stone Soup by Heather Forest, Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic, My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza, Potato Joe by Keith Baker, On Top of Spaghetti by Tom Glazer, A Cake for Barney by Joyce Dunbar, There Once Was a Puffin by Florence Page Jaques, Lunch by Denise Fleming, Chicken Soup by Jean Van Leeuwen, Do Lions Like Lettuce? by Moira Butterfield, Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley,


Five Little Hot Dogs

Five little hotdogs frying in the pan, (place 5 fingers of R hand in palm of L) 

The pan got hot and one went BAM! (clap on BAM)

(Continue with four, three, two… then) 

One little hotdog frying in the pan, (place 1 finger of R hand in flat palm of L)

The pan got hot and one went…

Wait! Wait! Put me in a bun, (hold hands up for stop, then fold R finger into L palm) 

Eat me up and now we’re done! (pretend to eat, then brush hands together)

 Making Cookies

I am making cookie dough, (point to self)

Round and round the beaters go. (roll hand over hand)

Add some flour from a cup, (pretend to shake in flour) 

Stir and mix the batter up. (pretend to stir)

Roll them, cut them, nice and neat, (pretend to roll out cookies)

Put them on a cookie sheet. (hold out hands with palms flat) 

Bake them, count them, one, two, three, (count to 3 with fingers) 

Then serve them to my friends for tea. (pretend to pass out cookies) 


“I Feel Crazy So I Jump in the Soup” by Laurie Berkner (Victor Vito CD)

“Spaghetti Legs” by Jim Gill (Sneezing Song CD)

“A Cookie as Big as My Head” by Lunch Money (Dizzy CD)

“The Peanut Butter Polka” by Jimmies (Make Your Own Someday CD)

Books and compact discs can be found using our catalog at 



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