Frogs Theme: Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing (frogs)

Lots of frog stuff!

Picture Books:  Red-eyed Tree Frog by Joy Cowley, Five Green and Speckled Frogs by Priscilla Burris, The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner, Stick by Steve Breen, Whose Feet? by Jeannette Rowe, The Hoppameleon by Paul Geraghty, Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan, Fribbety Ribbit! by Suzanne Johnson, Home, Sweet Home by Caroline Pitcher, Super Duck by Jez Alborough


Leap Frog

A little frog in a pond am I,

Hippity, hoppity, hop. (bounce fist on opposite palm)

Watch me jump in the air so high,

Hippity…hoppity…hop! (make bigger and bigger bounces…) 

Mr. Bullfrog

Here’s Mr. Bullfrog (left had closed with thumb up)

Sitting on a rock.

Along comes a little boy, (walk fingers of right hand)

Mr. Bullfrog jumps, KERPLOP! (tuck thumb into fist)

Froggy Catch a Fly

Can your froggy catch a fly? (open and close fingers of R hand)

Yes he can, watch him try. (snap R hand at pointer finger of L hand)

Can the fly reach the sky? (raise pointer finger high)

Can your froggy jump that high?

Oh my, nice try! (jump R hand up and catch pointer finger)

Bye, bye, little fly! (munch pointer finger with R hand)


“Jumping and Counting” by Jim Gill (Jim Gill’s Irrational Anthem CD)

“Shaky Shaky” by The Wiggles (Yummy Yummy CD)

“Cha Cha Slide” by Mr. C the Slide Man (Radio Disney: Move It! CD)


Superhero Power Necklace: Decorate a cardstock cut-out star with markers, then string the star shape and Fruit Loops cereal on black yarn to make a necklace. (Pieces of tape on the yarn ends will make stringing easier!)

All books and compact discs can be found using our catalog at 



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