Super Big Theme: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Supersized!

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Supersized!

All about “supersized” animals, items and activities.

Picture Books: Jumbled Jungle by Keith Faulkner, Higher! Higher! by Leslie Patricelli, Actual Size by Steve Jenkins, Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein, Mary Had a Dinosaur Eileen Browne, Flapdoodle Dinosaurs by David A. Carter, Dino Pets by Lynn Plourde, Big Smelly Bear by Britta Teckentrup, Superheroes by Maxwell Eaton III, Tyson the Terrible by Diane and Christyan Fox, The Giragge who Cock-a-Doodle-Doo’d by Keith Faulkner, Dinosaur Stomp! by Paul Stickland, Face to Face Safari by Sally Hewitt and I Feel a Foot! by Maranke Rinck


Tall as a Tree

Tall as a tree (stretch way up high)

Big as a house (stretch out wide)

Thin as a pin (scrunch up thin)

Small as a mouse! (Curl up very small)


Dinosaur, Dinosaur

Dinosaur, dinosaur, turn around. (turn around)

Dinosaur, dinosaur, touch the ground. (touch the ground)

Dinosaur, dinosaur, roar, roar, roar! (roar)

Dinosaur! Dinosaur! Shut the door! (shout loudly then clap)


“Jump and Fly” by Laurie Berkner (Rocket Ship Run CD)

“We are the Dinosaurs” by Laurie Berkner (Whaddaya Think of That CD)

“Silly Dance Contest” by Jim Gill (The Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes CD)


Superhero Spy Glasses: Decorate cardstock cut out glasses with markers and gems. For added fun, use colored transparency paper to create “lenses” for the glasses. Attach glasses to a  colored tongue depressor stick.

All books and compact discs can be found using our catalog at



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