Jungle and Zoo Animals Theme: Hungry Hungry Hippos

A safari story time of books, fingerplays, songs and crafts:

Picture Books:  Sitting In My Box by Dee Lillegard, Simms Taback’s Safari Animals by Simms Taback, I Can Help by David Costello, If I Were a Jungle Animal by Tom and Amanda Ellery, Hippo Goes Bananas by Marjorie Murray, My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall, Yikes!!! by Robert Florczak, The Hiccuping Hippo by Keith Faulkner, The Big Yawn by Keith Faulkner, Hattie Hippo by Christine Loomis, Hippo-Not-Amus by Tony and Jan Payne, I Know a Rhino by Charles Fuge, Opposnakes by Salina Yoon, Safari Friends by Treesha Runnells, Rhino’s Great Big Itch! by Natalie Chivers, Tall by Jez Alborough, The Giraffe Who Cock-a-Doodle-Doo’d by Keith Faulkner, Who’s in  the Jungle by Heather Gondek, One Yellow Lion by Matthew Van Fleet, Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein, Peek-A-Zoo by Marie Cimarusti, The Mouse Who Ate Bananas by Keith Faulkner, That’s Good! That’s Bad! Margery Cuyler, What Pet to Get? by Emma Dodd, Tanka Tanka Skunk! by Steve Webb, A Children’s Zoo by Tana Hoban, How Do You Make a Baby Smile? by Philemon Sturges, Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett, Kiss Kiss! By Margaret Wild & Bridget Strevens-Marzo, I Dream of an Elephant by Ami Rubinger


 Monkey, Monkey In the Tree

Monkey, monkey,  in a tree, (move arms at sides like a monkey)

I see you, and you see me, (point to self, then someone else)

Hang by your fingers, (crook fingers with elbows bent)

Hang by your toes, (point to toes)

But don’t fall down (clap hands together)

On your pretty little nose! (tap nose)

 I Saw a Slippery Slithery Snake

I saw a slippery, slithery snake, (with palms together, move arms from side to side in front of body)

Slide through the grasses, making them shake.

He looked at me with his beady eye, (cup hands to make binoculars in front of eyes)

“Go away from my pretty, green garden,” said I. (shake index finger)

“Hiss,” said the slippery slithery snake,

As he slid through the grasses making them shake. (with palms together, move arms from side to side in front of body)

 My Little Elephant

(use extended arm to match motions to words)

My little elephant swings his trunk,

Looking for peanuts to eat for lunch.

Swings it up and swings it down,

Lefty side, right side,

Round and round.


 “No More Monkeys” by Mr. Al (Put Your Groove On CD)

“Boa Constrictor” (Five Little Monkeys CD)

“Going to the Zoo” by Raffi (Singable Songs for the Very Young CD)

“Zooboogie” by Steve Pullara (Zooboogie! CD)


Muddy Hippo Craft: Print a hippo coloring picture on cardstock or construction paper. Use crayons to color the picture, then use a sponge brush and brown tempera paint to add some realistic mud to the scene!

 All books and compact discs can be found using our catalog at




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