Dinosaur Theme: Diggin’ Dinos

Roar, stomp and swing your tale to these great dinosaur books.

Books: Dinosaur Stomp! by Paul Stickland, Dinosaur Roar! by Paul Stickland, How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? by Jane Yolen, Dinosaurs?! By Lila Prap, Mary Had a Dinosaur by Eileen Browne, Dinosaur Friends! by Paul Stickland, Dinosaur Colors by Paul Stickland, Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggory, How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? by Jane Yolen, Gigantic! by Patrick O’Brien, The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddell, Rumble Roar Dinosaur! by Tony Mitton, Dinosnores by Kelly DiPucchio, Dinosaurumpus! By Tony Mitton, Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton


Dinosaur, Dinosaur (do actions as indicated)

Dinosaur, dinosaur, Turn around.

Dinosaur, dinosaur, Touch the ground.

Dinosaur, dinosaur, Roar, roar, roar!

Dinosaur! dinosaur! Shut the door! (clap)

Swing Your Tail (make motions to match words)

Turn around once and swing your dragon tail.

Turn around twice and flap your wings like sails.

Turn around three times, stomp your feet and roar.

Jump up high, then sit down on the floor.


“We are the Dinosaurs” by Laurie Berkner (Whaddaya Think of That?)

“Bop ‘Til You Drop” by Greg & Steve (Kids in Action)

“Beanie Bag Dance” by Greg & Steve (Kids in Action)

Craft: Dinosaur/Dragon Bag Puppet

Cut three green triangles from construction paper. Glue or tape in a line down the back of the bag. Cut a red construction paper tongue and glue in place. Color a face and the rest of the bag with markers to make a spectacular dinosaur of your own!


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