Daily Activities Theme: My Busy Day

A story time about things kids can do!

Books: If You’re Happy and You Know It by David Carter, My Day, Your Day by Robin Ballard, Bathtime Piggy Wiggy by Christyan and Diane Fox, Peekaboo! by Matthew Price, Lunch by Denise Fleming, On Our Way Home by Sebastien Braun, Busy, Busy Mouse by Virginia Kroll, Wheels on the Bus by Raffi, Just Like Daddy by Frank Asch, Read to Your Bunny by Rosemary Wells, The Three Bears by Paul Galdone, You’re Weird by Kevin Luthardt, The Handiest Things in the World by Andrew Clements, I Like It When by Mary Murphy, Benny’s Pennies by Pat Brisson, Creak! Said the Bed by Phyllis Root, Night Night Toes by Ashala Gabriel


We Can Jump (make motions match words)

We can jump, jump, jump.

We can hop, hop, hop.

We can clap, clap, clap.

We can stop, stop, stop.

We can shake our heads for “yes”.

We can shake our heads for “no”.

We can bend our knees a little bit,

And sit down slow.

Tommy Thumbs Up

Tommy Thumb’s up and Tommy Thumb’s down, (point thumbs up, then down)

Tommy Thumb’s dancing all around the town, (point thumbs up and bounce them around)

Dance them on your shoulders, (tap thumbs on shoulders)

Dance them on your head, (tap thumbs on head)

Dance them on your knees, (tap thumbs on knees)

And tuck them into bed! (tuck thumbs into fists)

Here We Go Up

Here we go up, up, up, (stretch up)

Here we go down, down, down, (bend down)

Here we go forward, (step forward)

Here we go backward, (step backward)

Here we go round and round. (turn around in a circle)


“Hands are for Clapping” and “I Took a Bath in a Washing Machine”

by Jim Gill (Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing Song)

“Drivin’ in My Car” by Ralph Covert (Ralph’s World)


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