Bird Theme: Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

This story time featured our fine feathered friends.

Picture Books: Just Ducky by Kathy Mallat, Across the Stream by Mirra Ginsburg, Have you Seen My Duckling? by Nancy Tafuri, One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root, Hungry Hen by Richard Waring, There Once Was a Puffin by Florence Page Jaques, Brave Bear by Kathy Mallatt, Silly Little Goose! by Nancy Tafuri, Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills, The Fox and the Crow by Mairi MacKinnon, Who Took the Farmer’s Hat? by Joan Nodset, Who’s Chick Are You? by Nancy Tafuri, Little White Duck by Walt Whippo, Birds by Kevin Henkes, Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard, Little Green by Keith Baker, Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker, Yellow Bird, Black Spider by Dosh and Mike Archer, A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza, Charlie Chick by Nick Denchfield, Bluebird’s Nest by Dorothea DePrisco, Cluck, Cluck Who’s There? by Caroline Jayne Church, A Good Day by Kevin Henkes, In the Nest by Anna Milbourne, Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard, Baby Bird by Joyce Dunbar,


Two Little Blackbirds

(match motions to words)

Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill,

One named Jack and the other named Jill.

Fly away Jack, fly away Jill.

Come back Jack, come back Jill.

Two little blackbirds sitting on a pole,

One named High and the other named Low.

Fly away High, fly away Low.

Come back High, come back Low.

Two little blackbirds sitting on a pole,

One named Fast and the other named Slow.

Fly away Fast, fly away Slow.

Come back Fast, come back Slow.

Two little blackbirds sitting on a gate,

One named Early and the other named Late.

Fly away Early, fly away Late.

Come back Early, come back Late…

Big Birdie Song


Way up in the sky,                                          (arms circle above head)

The big birdies fly,                                          (flap arms)

While down in their nest,                                (hands make nest)

The little birds rest.                                         (head on folded hands)

With a wing on the left,                                  (flap L arm)

And a wing on the right,                                 (flap R arm)

The little wee birdies

Sleep all through the night.                             (head on folded hands)

Shhhhh, shhhh –                                             (finger to lips)

You’ll wake up the birds! (yell!)

The bright sun comes up,                                (arms circle above head)

The dew falls away,                                        (flutter fingers down)

Good morning, good morning

The little birds say.                                          (bird beak hands R & L)


“I Know a Chicken” by Laurie Berkner (Whaddaya Think of That CD) Great song to use with egg shakers.

“Green Grass Grew All Around” by Greg & Steve  (Rockin’ Down the Road CD)

“Rockin’ Robin” from Child’s Celebration of Rock and Roll CD. Place soft birds in a parachute and have them rock and roll dance to the music by shaking it up and down.


Flying Bird: We used a chubby bird outline from Mailbox magazine, but any bird image will do. Cut out and color bird. Glue feathers on both sides. Hole punch and tie yarn. Holding the yarn, fly the bird around the room!

All books and compact discs can be found using our catalog at



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